How to achieve the Duchess of Sussex (Megan Markle) bridal look on a budget

The much anticipated royal wedding has come and gone. Millions of people around the world waited anxiously to see the beautiful bride. The majority of us would agree that the Duchess did not disappoint in the looks department. Particularity with her simplistic yet glamorous, skin-like yet timeless makeup look.

We all know that the bride's make up was done by a renowned Dior brand ambassador / Makeup artist. The actual products used to achieve this look remains a secret.

However if you would still like to achieve the look without breaking the bank, here's what you need:

**Feel free to substitute products with similar hues / shades as the product list below is just a guideline. What is vital is the technique used in applying these products.

Nivea face moisturiser

Barry M Glowmance Soft focus cream

Eyellure Dark Brown Eyepencil

L'Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation

Ardelle Demi Wispies Natural

Black Mascarra (optional any brand)

Makeup Revolution love conquers all palette

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in Suede Nude

Maybelline Fit Me Translucent Powder

Nyx Blush (Amber)

Tools Needed

Mascara Wand / Brow Brush

Eye-shadow Flat Brush

Eye-shadow Blending Brush

Cosmetic Wedge / sponge

Powder brush

Blush Brush

Step 1:

Apply a pea-size amount of moisturiser on the face by rubbing it in an upward circular motion. This will generate some friction / warmth to the skin enabling the moisturiser to penetrate the skin and absorb the foundation, Hence the make up looks skin-like and realistic.

Remember, less is more in achieving this look.

Step 2:

Apply a pea-size amount of primer following step 1 above.

Step 3:

Make sure the brow pencil is well sharpened, Apply the pencil to the brow in light gentle strokes following the natural shape of your brow. Then brush your brows with a mascara wand or brow brush in an upward motion. The key to natural brows is to avoid any harsh lines, therefore be very light handed during application. It helps to grip the pencil in the middle (not the tip or the end). This would ease the tension off the finger tips.

Step 4:

Apply a sparse amount of the grey colour in the eye-shadow palette, with the flat eye-shadow brush, onto the lid only. Please do not apply beyond the crease of your eyes. To establish where your crease is, open you eye slightly, look into the mirror, where you see the first skin fold is where you crease is.

With the eye-shadow blending brush apply a small amount of the translucent powder onto the lid, blending from the inner corner to the outer corner in a circular motion, to create the soft smokey effect and get rid of any harsh lines. Remember less is more.

Step 5:

Apply just one full pump of foundation to the back of your hand, allow it to sit on the back of your hand for a few seconds to generate some warmth. Apply foundation with your fingers, and blend with cosmetic wedge using tapping motions. This ensures that the foundation sits in and not on the skin. It helps to do one side of the face at a time. Patience is the key to achieving this step. Take your time to blend and tap in the foundation.

Step 6:

Using the powder brush with no powder, blend the foundation further by using gentle tapping motion. You would need a powder brush with firm bristles for this step (I find the real techniques powder brush particularly helpful in achieving this effect).

Then apply a sparse amount of translucent powder using the same powder brush, alternating between small light circular motions, and tapping motions.

Step 7:

Apply a light layer of lipstick to the lower lip, then blend by rubbing the upper and lower lip together.

Step 8:

Apply a light layer of blush to the apple of the cheeks only, in light circular motions. Use the same powder brush from step 6 to blend the blush further into the skin using tapping motions.

Step 9:

Finish up by applying the eyelashes. You could also apply a light coat of mascara to the lower lash, however this step is not necessary.

The End,

Let us know how you get on with achieving this look.

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