Establishing That Hassle-Free Skin Care Regime This Winter (Suitable For All Skin Types And Ethnicit

Ever tried to use the same makeup foundation you’ve seen on a friend , family or and advert, and wondered why you could never get yours to look as seem less as it does on their skin?..... Well you’ve come to the right place. One particular misconception about makeup application, is that it is supposed to replace a skin care regime. To get a flawless makeup up application, a good skincare regime is essential. However it’s understandable why people tend to shy away from skincare regimes, as it appears to be quite a tedious and long process, particularly if you have a very busy and hectic life style. Contrary to popular belief, Including a decent skin care regime as part of your daily routine can be fun, relaxing and affordable, regardless of your ethnicity, age or life style. There’s a popular saying that says, it takes approximately 30 days to make a habit, whether good or bad. This saying couldn’t be more accurate. The first couple of weeks are usually the hardest, but if you can stick with this routine for the whole 30 days. The results are phenomenal and life changing. Here are the steps towards achieving this:

Step 1: Drink at least four pints of water a day

The best way of making a habit of this, is starting off with at least 2 pints a day for the first week. Have a pint first thing in the morning when you get out of bed, and have another, last thing before going to bed. This ensures you have at least the minimum amount albeit you may have consumer some more water at some point during the day without knowing, moving you closer to your daily intake goal.

Step 2:

Cleanse your face twice a day with a face wash

The purpose of this step is to cleanse any impurities from your skin, this step takes less that 2 minutes to complete. There is a variety of affordable face wash brands available at your local pharmacy.

A good brand that works for all skin types and ethnicity is the Witch brand. This particular brand comes in a gel or foam formulation.

Whichever one you go for would suffice. Remember, its supposed to be a hassle free skin regime. Not much brainstorming is required. This can be found online from Amazon.

Step 3:

Use a face toner three to 5 times a week

This step ensures that the oil stripped from your face during wash is replaced by restoring the PH to your skin.

This step can be skipped, however could be useful if you have normal to dry skin, as it would give that additional moisture your skin requires.

An example of an affordable face toner which comes from a natural source is 100% pure Rose water.

This can be purchased from most pharmacy, or online from Ebay or Amazon.

Rose water comes with its many benefits, namely reduction of skin redness, along with amazing anti oxidant properties.

Step 4:

Moisturise your face twice a day

This step is the most important step towards achieving that flawless glowing skin.

After cleansing and toning the skin, it needs to be hydrated. A good quality face moisturiser would help achieve this.

You might ask, why can't I use my body lotion instead?, why do I have to use a face moisturiser?

This is because a face moisturise is designed to give that extra hydration, that a body cream or lotion would not give. Also a face moisturiser gives more of a hydrating, breathable feeling, as opposed to an oily heavy feeling which the body lotion might give; as it is designed to work on other parts of the body but the face.

Furthermore a face moisturiser has more of a richer, thick, moose- like consistency.

A great example of such would be the M&S Formula day and night cream.

What makes this particular brand unique is that it works great for all skin types and ethnicity.

An interesting fact about the M&S moisturisers is that they are cruelty free.

With regards to quantity per use, a generous amount is needed, a good way of measuring it would be the size of the tip of your index finger.

A good indication would be when your palm glides smoothly across your face, you shouldn't have to move your skin much. The moisturiser does all the work for you. Then push the moisture further into your skin by pressing your palm lightly against all parts of your face. This gives your skin that added softness and plasticity.


Another step that could be particularly useful in achieving that glass skin look is exfoliating the skin one to two times a week. See link to our previous blog post below on making a natural, and affordable facial scrubs, in a few quick and easy steps.

That concludes all the steps in our hassle free skincare regime. Follow these steps and you will begin to notice how flawlessly that makeup foundation sits on your skin in no time.

You can thank us later.

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