The Dark Horses of Makeup Foundation Brands

Foundation is a staple in our makeup bags, and the market is saturated with an arsenal of brands. As a result it can get really overwhelming, particularly for someone who’s new to makeup or someone who just simply wants a foundation that gives a decent colour match, coverage, at good value for money. In this blog, we will cover three main brands that gives you all those benefits, and much more. We refer to them as the dark horses of foundation, as they don’t get the recognition they deserve, in-spite of the Immense value they carry.

Bobbi brown Cosmetics skin Long-wear Weightless Foundation

We believe it says it all in the name. The result you get from this foundation is phenomenal. Although this foundation is advertised as a light to medium coverage, you still get a decent amount of concealment of skin imperfections, and the coverage is definitely buildable.

It has a rich velvety texture, which glides smoothly on the face, does not transfer easily, and it stays on for a full working busy working day. This foundation definitely does not budge, does not oxidise, and photographs really nicely.

In the UK this foundation currently retails at £34.50, and can be purchased in-store or online.

understandably it is quite on the high end in terms of price, however what you get in terms of value is priceless, and your skin will definitely thank you. With light to medium everyday use, this foundation should last for approximately three to four months. Ideally you only need two to three pumps per use; which leads to another great advantage of this foundation. It has a pump, meaning you are able to get out every single product from the bottle. In other words, you get your full money's worth.

This foundation genuinely caters to all ethnicities, skin tones ranging from very pale Caucasian skin to very dark Afro-Caribbean skin.

Iman Cosmetics Luxury Concealing Foundation

Another remarkable foundation which definitely doesn't get the right amount of recognition it deserves. The only reason this didn't make it to the top of the list is that it caters only to ethnic skin (i.e ranging from Asian to Afro-Caribbean decent); which is also understandable, as there are not many brands out there that cater specifically to the ethnic minorities.

A number of foundation brands claiming to cater to ethnic skin tones, have the wrong undertones in them and just does not look right on the skin.

This brand recognises that women of colour have several undertones, and uniquely caters to those needs, and gives that custom blend look.

If you are a makeup artist that struggles with finding a foundation that doesn't exactly match your ethnic minority client; this foundation is definitely the way to go.

Also if you are a woman of colour, and all the foundations you have tried has just not worked for you, well look no further.

In the UK this foundation currently retails at £16.50, and can be purchased on their online store, or approved retailers, of which further details can be found on their website.

This foundation provides a buildable medium to full flawless coverage, stays on for a full day, and also photographs really nicely. You definitely don't need those outrageous Instagram filters with this foundation.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation

Last but not the least of all, this foundation comes up on top in terms of price, and a definite go to foundation. It currently retails at £9.99, and can be found in most pharmacies in-store and online. Regardless they are not compromised on significant beneficial factors. It caters to massive range of skin tones and ethnicities, with a total number of 28 shades, ranging from warm to neutral to cool undertones.

The foundation appears to have a runny consistency, however that makes it super blendable, and it literally melts into the skin, giving that realistic fresh, hydrated and healthy look.

For best results, this foundation should be paired with a translucent or transparent setting powder, as this gives minimal interference with the pigments in the foundation.

Like all the other foundations on this list, it does not oxidise, it photographs really nicely and stays on for a full day providing light to medium buildable coverage.

That sums up our list, why not try out one of these foundations and let us know how you get on.

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