Makeup routine for busy mums

Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful. The life of a busy mum can be very hectic, hence a skincare or a makeup routine seems almost impossible to adopt. As a mum, I can attest to this, however all hope is not lost.

In this blog we will reveal effective time saving makeup tips for busy mums.

Oh yes!,,, you can be super mum and still look fabulous!!!

The key is to use makeup products that are prone to minimal spillage, compact, smudge proof, and stain proof.

Also minimal tools i.e sponges & brushes required. The whole process, if followed correctly, takes between 6 to 8 minutes.

Step One- Play the kids App on your iPad or phone:

This is a key precautionary step as it ensures that you get little or no distraction from your lovely little bundle of joys.

Thanks to the technological advancement, you have a wide range of options to choose from. This would work for any range as long as you pick an age appropriate app or program.

Step Two- Low Maintenance All in One Moisturiser:

A good example of an all in one moisturiser that gives good value for money is the M&S day moisturiser.

It's quick and easy to apply, gives the skin that much needed moisture; and works great as a base for makeup.

This currently retails at £12.50, and is available online and in-store.

Step Three- Blendable / smudge free foundation:

As a mum, you would undergo a significant amount of physical activity. Therefore, you would need a foundation that is blendable, and stays on all day. A product that ticks all the right boxes for this, is the Bobbi-Brown skin long-wear weightless foundation.

Ideally you would only need one to two pumps per application. The foundation is best applied to the back of your hand first. This steps helps to warm up the foundation with your body heat; which in turn allows the foundation to glide on smoothly onto the skin with a stippling brush, using quick tapping motions. This form of application leaves the skin looking smooth and flawless.

Real techniques, offer a great range of stippling brushes; these can be found online on Amazon, or at your local drug store or Pharmacy.

A commendable characteristic of this foundation is its rich, non runny consistency. Just in case you get interrupted during application process with foundation on the back of your hand. You can conveniently grab that milk bottle or rattle without having to worry about the foundation dripping.

Step Four- Transparent Powder (Loose or pressed):

One of the goals of this makeup application is to avoid product transference. Therefore you would need a setting powder which helps keep the foundation in place,without adding any additional, unwanted pigment. Kryolan do a great transparent powder. This keeps the makeup in place for up to 18 hours, and does not leave a white cast. It just the makeup that perfect air-brushed effect.

Furthermore this product is dense with a natural key ingredient know as rice powder; which has anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, and sun protecting properties.

The powder is best applied using a good quality powder brush. Real techniques offer a great range of powder brushes, at good value for money.

Step Five- Blush / Bronzer:

Apply blush / bronzer that closely matches you skin tone, to your cheek bone. This brings back colour to your face, and give your skin a nice and even balance.

You can find your cheek bone, by giving a slight "fake smile"; that raise part of your skin is your cheek bone. Apply sparsely for a natural looking finish.

Bobbi-Brown cosmetics offer a great range of good quality blushes and bronzers. These can be purchased via their online store, or local retailers.

This is also best applied using a good quality blush brush. ELF cosmetics, offer a great range of blush brushes.

Step six- Lip Liner & Lipstick:

Apply lip liner first, then apply first layer of lipstick, blot out first layer with a tissue paper; then apply second layer. This ensures a smudge proof application, and keeps the lipstick on for longer. It even withstands random face touches from the lovely littlelings.

Nyx cosmetics offer a great range of lip liners, Iman cosmetics offer a great range of good quality lip sticks.

Step Seven- Mascara:

This step marries the whole makeup application process together. The purpose of a mascara is to give that illusion that your eyes are wide open and awake, even when you've had little or no sleep. You do not need a massive budget, in order to get a good quality mascara. The key is the type of brush the mascara comes with, not necessarily the brand name.

Superdrugs and boots offer a wide range of good quality ones at good value for money.

That sums up our quick and easy makeup application process. Why not try following theses steps, and let us know how you get on.

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