Top 5 Oily Skin Hacks

Having oily skin is a gift, however there are times where it feels like a curse.

Here’s what I mean, on one hand you are fortunate to have a skin type that has a decent amount of healthy oils to maintain firmness, hence preventing wrinkles and looking much younger.

On the other hand you spend so much time blotting away excess oil numerous times a day; just so you face does not end up looking like a Christmas light (except that’s the look you’re going for).

As a fellow "oily being" I understand the struggle. Therefore I can boldly say all hope is not lost.

This blog will reveal top fool proof hacks on keeping the oiliness at bay, whilst maintaining a healthy skin.

Hack No 1 Moisturise twice a day:

Contrary to popular belief, oily skin people need regular moisture.

Here is why, when you don’t moisturise, your skin gets paranoid. Oh yes, the skin has feelings.

The skin automatically thinks that a long term moisture deprivation is about to take place. As a result it begins to produce excess sebum, in attempt to store moisture. Thus the skin begins to break out, leading to black heads, and spots.

To prevent this, use a good quality moisturiser twice a day, after thoroughly cleansing the face, Which leads us to our next hack.

Hack No 2 Remove makeup completely before going to bed:

The skin needs to breathe properly, particularly when you’re asleep.

Oily skin is naturally sensitive, and needs more time to rejuvenate itself; this happens best when asleep.

Therefore remove makeup thoroughly before going to bed; no matter how tired you may feel, this would be beneficial on the long run.

Worst case scenario if you’re bed bound and can’t make it to shower/sink, after a crippling day or night out; keep a face wipe next to your bed side, so at least you are able to wipe out the majority.

Hack No 3 Avoid layers of makeup:

When applying makeup, stick to two maximum skin care products (i.e moisturiser & primer), and two base products (i.e foundation & powder).

Only use concealer or corrector, when you absolutely have to in affected areas only.

Just to reiterate on hack number two, the skin needs to breathe, therefore the lesser amount of layers you apply, the better for your skin.

This in turn will make the skin look less oily throughout the day.

If you adhere to this, Overtime you would have more of a healthy, glowing skin, as opposed to a greasy looking skin.

That’s a sign of your skin saying, “thank you”.

Hack Number 4 Avoid using blotting papers:

Most blotting papers come with some form of talc or powder. Therefore when you apply them to your face, you are adding an additional layer of products, which you want to avoid (per hack number 3).

Furthermore, the powder in most of these blotting papers are not suited to sensitive or oily skin.

A great way to get rid of excess oil, particularly in the t-zone area is by dabbing lightly on the affected area with a plain face tissue paper.

As a result, excess oil is removed, no additional layer is applied; your skin is happy and able to breathe. It’s a win win!

Hack Number 5 Drink Sufficient Amount Of Water Daily:

Last but not least of all. You must have seen us mention this in most of our blogs. Water consumption is extremely key to living a healthy life. Therefore it needs to be at the centre of our beauty regime. Water gets rid of harmful toxins, and also aids in balancing our skin PH, hence keeping excessive oil at bay.

For an added kick / flavour you could incorporate some lemon slices in the water.

That sums up our hacks on keeping oily skin at bay.

Why not try these out, and let us know how you get on.

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