Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of questions you will have about bridal makeup, makeup for all occasions and the way a makeup artist works. Here We have included some of the common questions, however if you have any others, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q. What Make-up services do you offer?

A. We offer a wide range of make-up services, to name a few we provide services for the following - Engagement Shoots, Photo & Video shoots, TV Shows, Events, Red Carpet, Wedding Guests, Parties and Special Occasions, Hen Parties, Proms, Balls, Corporate Events, Fashion Shows, Make-up for job interviews, Make-up Lessons and Personal Shopper for Make-up assistance. For further inquiries, kindly contact us to discuss further, you are guaranteed to find something that suits your make-up needs at Radiance Paradise.

 Q. I'm getting married and I don't know how soon to consider booking you?

A. We get booked up quickly for Fridays and Weekends during peak periods. We would recommend that you book early to get the date of your choice. We take bookings as far ahead as 24 months in advance.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for the trial and wedding day?

A. For your consultation and trial,  if you have any ideas of what you would like then it may be useful to provide some pictures, either from the internet or magazines. This will help when discussing looks, but please don't worry if you do not have any thing, or are unsure as to what to go for, We can make plenty of suggestions.  If you have a photo of your dress, it will help to see what style you are going for and also a swatch of your colour scheme. Some dresses can be vintage in style and others more simple, classy or glam, but which ever wonderful dress you have chosen, We can follow on with your styles.
We can create many styles of make-up, anything from very glamorous to an  'English Rose' which is pretty, Fresh and natural. Or if you prefer, very natural but "you" at your very best.
For your trial it's best not to wear any make-up, but if you would rather show me what you normally wear that's fine. We will go through any skin care routines with you, should you think that you need help with this, and also advise you which other treatments you may benefit from too, ie: eyelash tinting or false lashes etc. It's a good idea too if you can wear a similar colour top to your dress, as this helps to reflect the colour back into your face and helps you get an idea of what your makeup will look like.
On the day of the wedding, please do not have any makeup on, just cleansed skin.

Q. Which make up brands do you use?

A. Our make-up case contains a wide variety of quality and high-end products We have carefully selected through experience for their longevity, flawless coverage and photographic qualities which makes them perfect for any occasion. We use Professional ranges such as Mac, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, L'Oreal, NYX, Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, Airbase, Iman, Graftobian and Kryolan to name just a few. Our collection also contains High Definition products to help create a 'soft focus' effect on the skin, mask fine lines and imperfections resulting in radiant complexions, hence ensuring that everyone's make-up is camera ready.

Q. Do I need a make-up trial before the day?

A. Ideally yes, particularly for brides to be. We like to meet you and discuss your requirements for the type of look/image you require and apply your make-up so you can see and feel how you are going to look on your special day. It's also a good opportunity to get to know you as a client.
However there are occasions, where you may live outside Northamptonshire (some of our clients live overseas and can't get to the UK until very close to the event date), or in a case where the Make-up session is booked on short notice. It really isn't a problem as We can usually allow extra time on the day for a consultation. If this is the case, don't panic, because of the experience We have, We are good at interpreting ideas, and if you would feel more comfortable, you can look in the mirror as we go along so you can see how you are looking, We do check regularly with you that your make-up feels comfortable and that you are happy. Customer satisfaction is always at the heart of Radiance Paradise.

Q. Are you mobile?

A. Yes, we operate on a freelance basis, and are therefore more than happy to travel to you for your appointments; and if you are getting married both the trial, and the wedding day. 
We can meet you at home or your chosen venue, but please be aware that if the area is outside of Northamptonshire, travel charges may apply. If you would like a quotation for this, kindly contact us providing a postcode of the address you want us to visit and we would provide you with a quote.

Q. Regarding my appointment, what happens on the wedding day (Bridal Clients)?

A. We would have discussed with you before the wedding a time-table of how best your day will run, so everything runs smoothly. This is really important so everyone in the bridal party that is having make-up applied knows what time to be available for.
On your wedding day We will arrive promptly at the time and place agreed. You will have had your hair done by that point, so after setting up, ideally somewhere in good light and some space, We will go through the notes previously made from trial with you. We will also listen to any ideas you may have had since. If there are a few in your party for make-up, We will advise you which order will be best for everyone.

Q. How long do trials take?

A. Please allow two hours, this will give plenty of time for a consultation and make-up application, and any alterations if neeed, such as changing lip colour or adding more blusher.
Once we are happy with your make-up, We will take photos, fill in a chart, make notes of your make-up so We can easily re-create your look on the day.

Q. When do I need to book in for a consultation and trial?

A. We normally recommend trials to be 6-8 weeks before the wedding / event date, as by that time you have more of an idea regarding what style you would like to go for. However You can book in any time for a trial, if you prefer otherwise.

Q. Is it Hair or make-up to be done first?

A. Ideally it should be hair first, don't worry we will not use hair clips or headbands if you have had your hair done.
Please make sure that you wear a button up or zip top, so you are able to get changed easily without disturbing your hair or make-up. When we have finished applying your make-up, you can get dressed, 

Q. Do you do hair too?

A. At the moment we only offer very minimal hair styling if needed, as our specialty is mainly based on detailed make-up artistry. However we can recommend bespoke professional mobile hairdressers that we work along side with if you are struggling to find someone.

Q. How many people in my party can I have for make-up on the day?

A: Approximately 6 adults is usually our limit, due to the time it takes and level of detail required on the day, however this can vary depending on the time of your wedding / event and your plans for getting ready. We can advise when planning the timings with you, the number we can fit in if it is possible to do.